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Rollin' Rollin'

 Let's get this community rolling again...

First question:

If you were to die today and God asked you, "Why should I let you into heaven"  what would you say?
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I've heard many sermons about the answer to this question, and surprisingly I've heard many different answers. I think it's easier to answer this question by stating what I think the wrong answers are. I think the wrong answers are saying something along the lines of "I read the Bible every day and attend church every Sunday," "I volunteered to help care for the poor and homeless because I wanted to do good," or "Because I have faith in you." It's good to have knowledge of the Lord and be in His community, but it's possible to do those things and not have complete faith. It's good to care for the poor and needy, but again it's possible to do good works without having complete faith. It's possible to have faith in the Lord without truly living it. I think the deeper issue here is that our lives were supposed to be about loving one another, and we do that through living out our completed faith in the Lord.

So I would say to God, "Because my faith in you taught me how to love others and myself, and because of my faith I was driven to teach others how to love through you as well. Don't just admit me into heaven, but also those who loved me and brought me to closer to you."

But I also believe in the importance of atonement and reconciliation. I don't believe that God will invite us into heaven until we've purified ourselves and have sought out forgiveness for all of our sins. I would also ask Him to forgive me and ask Him to give me the chance to atone. I do believe in the process of Purgatory (not a place, mind you, but a process) because of this.