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I I respect Christianity, Islam, Mahayana Buddhism, the Baha'i Faith because I respect what they have to say beyond "There is a God"; I can APPLY them, in a way, they mean something more than what is on the surface, there are political and social implications, and I like this.

OTOH, deism as I can tell: "There is a god, he made us, he wants us to use human reason" It's like creationism mixed with meaningless atheist catchphrases. Any deists here want to talk about their relationship with deism? Or anyone else with any experience? I don't want to sound ignorant, but I am ignorant wrt this particular belief system. Why talk about reason then go on about creationism?

II I noticed that a lot of the Founding Fathers were deists, and atheists (at least on cutesy atheism sites) quote them, even though deists are technically theists...and creationist theists too, so that's kind of weird especially considering that's a major peeve of a lot of atheists I've met (I think because it's a really clear example of religion coming into conflict with reality). But a side note, do atheists not realize what ignorant mutherfuckers all those people were? One example is here: (They actually include a few token white women, so they're extremely diverse from my experience with I think it would be very interesting to see atheism from a different perspective...the sort of people who don't quote mf Jefferson or Freud like Christians quote the Bible. Does anyone know of any sites/books/we?
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