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Debate Religion
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Welcome to debate_religion

1. This is a religious debate community. Expect your beliefs to be challenged and criticized.

2. No personal, sexist, cultural or racial attacks are allowed. Direct insults will result in a short or long term ban, depending on the gravity of the offense.

3. Make sure that when you ask for moderation, you are not the one responsible for the situation.

4. Stay on task, speak your mind.

5. Introduce us to your religion. If a new religion is introduced, questions may be asked to find out more information on it. Be prepared to share your beliefs.

6. Deletion or screening of comments is a privilege reserved only to the moderators. If you feel that you have been unjustly attacked by another user, you are allowed to freeze comments but you must contact a moderator ASAP for an assessment of the situation. failure to do so will result in your own temporary banishment.

7. If you have a suggestion or a concern, take it to the moderators. Do not make a post on the main board.

8. Spam and obvious trolling will result in an immediate ban.

9. If you'd like to promote another community, contact the moderators before doing so.

10. LiveJournal TOS rules fully apply in this community.

11. The moderators reserve the right to change these rules without further notice. Failure to follow the rules will result in short, long or permanent bans.

Comment here with questions, comments, concerns, or for moderation.