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Hello there! :)

A meme has been going around my Flist these last few days/week from Livejournal's Writer's Block: Conversion Rate "Have you ever considered converting to another religion?"

Which has got me to into an introspective mood than I normally am when it comes to belief systems.

My Answer?
Yes. all the time. These days I'm mosaic-like, shifting back and forth the spectrum of Atheist-Humanist-Theravada Buddhism(moderate).

I don't believe in organised religion, but as a philosophy for life I've found that a lot of things in Buddhist teachings resonates with Wiccan/(Paganism?), and also more ancient earth religions... it's pretty free-thinking, and one of the only ones that encourage (self)questioning-- faith/s, itself, everything.

(this, granted is the original/oldest: Theravada Buddhism, as some of the later sects have likened Buddha to a form of deity when history will show that he's always said himself to being very much a human, and that Buddhism is nontheist. but then again, I like the principles, not the religion, so.) ^_^

--I come from a very multi-cultural/faith background... my extended family(and being a stereotypical South Asian family = big) range from Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Catholics all the way to Agonists and Atheists.... so from 10, 11, 12yrs(?) onwards through much of my adolescent yrs I went flitting from being a devout nontheist, spiritualist, monotheist, to polytheist, to atheist and back again. It made for a interesting childhood.

Ultimately: Organised Religion, is not for me. I can see that the history, tradition, and community can be a source of strength-- but is also potentially destructive and needs to come with fineprint enlarged in red lettering. Individuals and their belief systems/lack thereof I have no problem with, and I've always been interested in how/whether people identify with faiths/beliefs, and if they do/don't the reasoning behind it. :)

Sorry to ramble on! I'd be interested to hear what you think in any case. xD

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