-=Bagel Luvs You=- (bagelwhore) wrote in debate_religion,
-=Bagel Luvs You=-

It seems like forever since I've been in this community
Oh how I miss debating, even though it seems like eons ago

Lately my only form of religious debate has been with my really religious roomate
Luckily she is leaving
But she was so ridiculous sometimes
Like if I was upset she would try to comfort me with talk like "Don't you feel like someone is watching over you?"
She knows I don't, but she has admitted that because 'she cares' she tries to gently nudge me into religion
I told her she doesn't need to try, and I would like it if she didn't

A really uncomfortable moment came when she was opening mail in my room while a friend was over
This friend ended up being the son of a preacher, and until that moment I had not known since we avoid talking about religion
Anyway, one article of mail was the typical "Pay our Church and Jesus Will Appreciate it"
Nothing that blasphemous - but still, that' all I got from the whole transaction
So she starts going on and on about bible passages with my friend
And reading directly from this piece of mail
I am silent because I know nothing, wish to know nothing, and know that offending her is a bad idea
I still end up getting chewed out and yelled at because I need to be more sensitive to her beliefs

Needless to say, it's nice to have some breathing room now that she is gone
No more fights about abortion, religion, politics, etc
Oh! And why is she moving out?
She prayed. And Jesus let her know it was time.
Thanks big guy ^.-
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